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Chef Jaye is a phenomenal chef captivating the attention of everyone she encounters with her magnetic personality, encouraging words, and lip smacking meals and desserts. At the core, Chef Jaye aims to create a family environment for special events through food and intimate experiences. She creates a unique interactive experience for her clients by creating customized menus, conversation starters, and a welcoming ambiance where families are able to communicate effectively while enjoying a delicious meal TOGEHTER. It's truly a beautiful experience. Whether you're a family of 10 or a 100, a wedding party or corporate work family, Chef Jaye is ready to fill your tummies and your hearts with a meal and meaningful conversation that's good for the soul.


Chef Jaye obtained her bachelors' degree in Business management and Marketing from the University of West Georgia in 2015. She is a classically trained chef and a proud alumna of Johnson & Wales University '16. She has worked with many prestigious companies such as Walt Disney World, Four Seasons hotels, and Loews hotels to name a few. She enjoys incorporating fresh herbs and bold spices into global and classic cuisines. Chef Jaye is well versed in savoury and sweet cuisines. Ask about her lemon berry mousse dessert and if you want to be on 'island time' ask about her oxtails.

Outside of encouraging families to spend more time at the table, Chef Jaye hopes to inspire her clients to travel and taste authentic cuisines around the world optimistically. Additionally, she hosts  international cooking & baking camps for kids in the summer to boost their confidence and tech them life skills that'll last a lifetime. She aspires to be a family chef and a household name by building a genuine connection with her clients, their families and friends. Click here to book Chef Jaye for your next event.


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The Secret Ingredient


Now that you've learned more about Chef Jaye, smash that button below, put on your apron, and let's turn up the heat baby !

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