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10 Multinational Soups to Fall in love with this Autumn

It's the most wonderful time of the year! SOUP SEASON! What's up fam, it's been a minute since i've written a blog post and it feels great to be back hunny! Fall is here and y'all know I love me some soup ALL YEAR LONG. I'm talking 365.

I love the way it makes me feel cozy and warm inside. I love that I can eat a lot without feeling like porky the pig. It's the comfort for me! TOP TIER. It's giving fuzzy socks and a Hallmark movie marathon. Most importantly there are soups in every culture and y'all know how I absolutely love global cuisine. So it's safe to say this season will be filled with broths, bisque, stews, and chowder recipes hunny!

Check out these soup recipes from around the world by your favorite food bloggers below. Some of them I've tried and favorited while the others I'm excited to whip up in the kitchen this fall. Yassssss! What's your favorite soup to eat in the autumn? Let me know in the comments below.

Be sure to bookmark all of these recipes to try this season and acknowledge the creators when you snap it up for the socials!


(Your local Olive Garden and Italy)

Photo x Natasha's Kitchen

TEXAS CHILI x Holly Nilsson (Spend with Pennies)


Photo x Spend with Pennies

MANCHOW x Hebbars Kitchen


Photo x Hebbars Kitchen

INDIAN LENTIL SOUP x The Daring Gourmet


Photo x The Daring Gourmet

BOUILLON SOUP x Haitian Cooking


Photo x Haitian Cooking

RED PEA SOUP x Jehan Can Cook


Photo x Jehan Can Cook

( Did you know that Chicken noodle soup originated in Southeast Asia? Read about it here!)

Photo x Damn Delicious

CHICKEN PHO x Simply Recipes


Photo x Simply Recipes



Photo x The Forked Spoon

SANCOCHO x The Noshery

(Latin America)

Photo by The Noshery

STOP: I know you didn't think that you can just leave without telling me your favorite soup to eat in the comments. Slide on in there and add your two cents.


Chef Jaye


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