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Kitchen Vibes with Chef Robert Butts

Hey y’all. So glad to have you here with me. Chile let me spill the tea on my first visit to food lifestyle tv studio. Grab a snack and make yourself at home.

So, I visited the Food & Lifestyle Tv studio to experience Kitchen Vibes with Chef Robert Butts live. Chile a live recording. The room was filled with amazing chefs and to my surprise I saw some of my favorites. S/o to Chef Robert Butts, Chef Josh Swinney, Chef Lambo and the mixologist extrodinnaire Robert Thornton. A huge s/o to DJ Amber throwing it back for the ‘99 & the 2000’s. I felt like I was on a set of 106 and park with Free & AJ 😂.

Let’s Talk Eats. Y’all ready for this? Chef Josh Swinney presented a delicate cold smoked trout with a corn bread crumble, shaved fennel, shallots and topped it off with a NC bbq aioli and fennel-shallot oil. Take a look at the photo Chile, it’s vibrant texturally pleasing and packed with flavor.

During chefs Josh’s demo, I learned new techniques like quick curing and cold smoking . Can’t wait to use these techniques in my own kitchen and upcoming classes.

Next up, Chef Robert Butts prepared a seared chicken roulade, with andouille sausage, hopping john rice, and a herb pepper gravy. Talk about delicious and colorful. It was giving homey and comfort food but make it aesthetically pleasing. The gravy was so creamy and the herbal notes knocked it out of the park. The hopping John rice was my favorite. I could’ve ate a big bowl of that, but I have to stick to the healthiER eating plan 😩. Chef Robert always does a fabulous job on informing his guests on the history behind the food he presents. It makes the food experience so much more meaningful.

Let’s talk about the dranksss. Now you know I had to save the life of the party for last. Robert Thornton, mixologist and cocktail connoisseur did what he had to do with the drink of the evening. I had 3 🤸‍♀️( wooooooo!).

Let’s get into the details! The drink was called a Pink Cutie (I named it). It consisted of a pink cucumber medley, 4 mix peppercorn, vanilla, basil, honey lemonade and tequila Jimidor. Y’all know this is right up my alley. I love to mix herbs and spices with sweet and savory. I can always expect to be blown out of the water when trying Rob’s drinks. They really are a work of art, perfectly crafted.

Overall, I had an amazing time being around like minded individuals who love to serve others through cooking and cocktails, turn up to r&b music, and most importantly eat good food.

Do yourself a favor and follow the amazing chefs and mixologist featured in this post and tell them Chef Jaye sent you.

Chef Robert Butts (@chefrobertbutts)

Chef Josh Swinney (@imchefjosh)

Cocktail connoisseur (@therobjr)

Food & Lifestyle Tv (@foodlifestyletv)

Oh before you leave, I want to leave you with this thought. Surround yourself with people who see the bigger picture, shows up consistently, and knows how to adapt to life’s trials. Maybe they could teach you a thing or two.

Be blessed y’all,


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